AAESQ/QESBA Spring Conference 2018 - May 24 - 26
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Alan November

Moderated by - Alan November
B02:Nothing Energizes Like Success
Find a leader who manages a R20;successfulR21; change and one will observe an energized leader! At the Eastern Townships School Board, our administrators participate in an intensive 2-year training focused on managing successful change, based on the work of Pierre Collerette. This breakout session will provide attendees with an overview of the content, ranging from leadership profiles to school profiles, from exercise of power to process of change (including the awakening, transition, and ritualization phases as well as the triggers of change). Many can lead change but to lead a successful change R11; that is the energizer in pedagogical leadership, and the difference-maker for student learning.

Moderated by - Kandy Mackey (ETSB)
B03:NEXT School: Re-Designing the Future of Education
Of interest to commissioners and administrators alike - this workshop is a unique opportunity for R16;energized leadersR17; to look into the quite possible future of education. NEXTschool is an extraordinary initiative that promises to transform our high schools for a rapidly evolving world. The project has now developed a series of prototypes for a high school of the 21st Century and beyond - using an integrated model of systems and design thinking. This presentation is a summary of the work of over sixty contributors to ten design teams over the past five months. The result is an exposť of the components of a NEXTschool which is based on an R16;adaptable-designR17; approach to the teaching and learning experience, embedded in the local and global community. Participants will be engaged in exploring and responding to the various elements of this exciting model school ahead of its introduction to interested schools, which will begin this fall. This will be complemented with a series of poster displays around the room detailing the various components of NEXTschool.

Moderated by - Noel Burke and Michael Canuel
B04:The School Success Team: Creating Leadership from Within
The Riverside School Board Curriculum Team is a very varied group of passionate pedagogues with diverse talents. Bringing together experience at the elementary and secondary levels, and expertise in the teaching of all subjects including French, English, mathematics, arts and social studies, as well as in the pedagogical integration of technology and library services, this team comes together around success for all students, across the curriculum and beyond.

Moderated by - Jessica Saada, Louise Bourque, Karen Rye and Stacy Pinho
B05:FULL Flexible Learning Spaces: Elements to Consider
Why is there so much talk about changing our classroom or common spaces? At first, it is because we want to provide a more comfortable environment for students. Moving beyond the comfy chairs, do our learning spaces reflect the more collaborative approaches we see in competency-based programs? A different environment for learning also helps with the implicit use of technology in order to meet the diversity that exists in all of our classrooms. How can we make sure that our changing classroom spaces are well thought-out and intentional?

Moderated by - Avi Spector and Traci Rosen
B06:Indigenizing Centers: The Circle of Change - Part I
The move to Indigenize or decolonize education has gained a lot of momentum. Yet, in order to make effective change, there is a need to understand and experience the difference between the present educational approach and an Indigenous approach. Participants will be actively engaged in experiencing an Indigenous approach, in order to understand how to undertake changes within the classrooms and their centers. Note: There are two parts to this workshop, which can be given consecutively, or morning and afternoon. The first part is the experiential activity, and the second is concrete planning using an Indigenous approach.

Moderated by - E. Diane Labelle

Moderated by - N/A

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