AAESQ/QESBA Spring Conference 2018 - May 24 - 26
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C01:Leadership: Managing the Transition to Energized Education
Alan November

Moderated by - Alan November
C02:FULL Innovation in Deep Learning: Ottawa Catholic School Board
Join the Ottawa Catholic School Board team as they share how they built precision around deep learning over the past 4 years. From creating awareness and capacity to leveraging digital and igniting student voice and agency, Karen and Jennifer will share how their district made New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) tangible, meaningful, and authentic! System conditions and key strategic moves will be shared along with lessons learned from this exciting journey.

Moderated by - Karen McEvoy & Jennifer Flinn (Ottawa Catholic School Board)
C03:Collaborative Professional Learning at Work
We describe the recent and ongoing initiative of the collaborative professional learning partnership between RSB & McGillR17;s PRACTIS group. We will focus on Creating, Collaborating, and Computing in Mathematics (CCC-M), a multi-year project involving a group of teachers, pedagogical consultants, and researchers developing and investigating teaching practices and digital literacy in mathematics, with a focus on the transition between elementary and secondary classes. The core activity is on-going collective exploration, reflection, inquiry, sense-making, and knowledge sharing during which teachers develop a deeper sense of their teaching and how to develop it further. We will hear the voice of teachers and consultants reflecting on their experience, identifying and illustrating key enablers and outcomes of this initiative. Those include: establishing a climate of collegial trust, identifying a shared purpose and a real perceived need to change, to innovate, to question aspects of the accepted practice, a focus on students and their academic performance, mutual accountability for student growth and success, and engaging in distributed leadership.

Moderated by - Alain Breuleux
C04:Administrators Ed Camp
Administrators Ed Camp

Moderated by - Avi Spector and Traci Rosen
C05:English Minority Education - Know Your Charter Rights (QESBA)
This session will introduce participants to minority language education rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The presentation will introduce the basic concepts of minority language education rights under the Canadian Charter, and how these apply in Quebec. Drawing on specific examples from across Canada, the presentation will describe how these rights manifest in different minority language contexts, and how these rights can support a revitalized, energized minority language education sector. The presentation will also discuss the particular case of Quebec, and how the Charter of the French Language affects these rights (in particular, the eligibility requirements to receive instruction in English).

Moderated by - Marion Sandilands
C06:Indigenizing Centers: The Circle of Change - Part II
The move to Indigenize or decolonize education has gained a lot of momentum. Yet, in order to make effective change, there is a need to understand and experience the difference between the present educational approach and an Indigenous approach. Participants will be actively engaged in experiencing an Indigenous approach, in order to understand how to undertake changes within the classrooms and their centers. Note: There are two parts to this workshop, which can be given consecutively, or morning and afternoon. The first part is the experiential activity, and the second is concrete planning using an Indigenous approach.

Moderated by - E. Diane Labelle

Moderated by - N/A

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